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2014 Casascius St. Petersburg Bowl Bitcoin Coin

16/01/2015  · On the front of the coin is the Bitcoin sign and the name “Bitcoin” below the sign. The date 2014, is on it as well as the weight of the coin. In addition to that there is the Latin inscription: Vires in Numeris. This means which means Strength in numbers, loosely translated.

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Monthly Archives: November 2014. 2014 Silver Casascius Coin to commemorate the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl game on Dec 26 . November 14, 2014 · by casascius · in Uncategorized · 3 Comments. Own a piece of Bitcoin history – a genuine fine silver Casascius coin, commemorating the first major sports event to be sponsored under the banner of Bitcoin! I will be producing a limited edition 2014.

23/12/2014  · 2014 St. Petersburg Bitcoin Bowl Coin Now Available December 23, 2014 · by casascius · in Uncategorized · Leave a comment The St. Petersburg Bowl coin is now available for purchase.