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Niklas Nikolajsen Bitcoin Suisse

Why I buy Bitcoin and Ether for 160,000 USD a month - Niklas Nikolajsen of Bitcoin Suisse.

Ether for 160,000 USD a month – Niklas Nikolajsen of Bitcoin Suisse.

I am the CEO, CFO, CTO, Chairman of the Board of Bitcoin Suisse".

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Bitcoin Suisse, the market leading Swiss crypto financial services and technology provider, is pleased to announce its Series A and first-ever capital raise.

Major Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse has added custodial support and staking services for Tezos, using its PwC-audited.

3. Jan. 2019.

Niklas Nikolajsen, 43, aus Dänemark, gründete 2013 in Zug das Startup Bitcoin Suisse, ein auf Krypto-Assets spezialisierter Finanzdienstleister.

19 Mar 2018.

A month after the Monetas launch, Danish computer entrepreneur Niklas Nikolajsen set up bitcoin Suisse, a cryptocurrency brokerage that last.