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North Texas Super Bowl Seating Fiasco Goes On Trial

For instance, Dirk Nowitzki's success with the Dallas Mavericks translated into five.

they had softness in sales of premium seats that went for $1,000 per game and with.

The NFL's 2004 Super Bowl halftime fiasco, thanks to Janet Jackson's.

Trail Blazers ensured his induction into anyone's sport marketing hall of fame.

11/03/2015  · Jury deliberations were nearly derailed Wednesday in the trial involving disgruntled Super Bowl XLV ticket holders when a witness appeared to have perjured himself during testimony.

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30/04/2018  · ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – The Dallas Cowboys want a do-over on hosting the Super Bowl after horrid weather and a seating fiasco ruined their first try.

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Roger Goodell testifies in Super Bowl seating trialCarolina Panthers · N.F.C. Wild-Card Matchup: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys.

N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say.

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On Brooklyn Campus, Annual Antique Display Goes Out With a Terrifying Wail.

07/05/2013  · The seating issue seems forgotten, and maybe North Texas is back in play as a major player in hosting Super Bowls. NFL owners will vote on May 21 on who gets Super Bowl L and LI, and North Texas.

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limits the use of the entire seating bowl and cuts out about 30% of the seating.

2014, the Final Four was held in AT&T Stadium in Dallas, home of the.

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NFL apologizes for super bowl seat fiasco .

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Mahomes' high school classmate predicted he'd get a Super Bowl ring in their yearbook.

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The fiasco comes after the Iowa Democratic Party rolled out an app used to.