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Old Samsung Galaxy S5 Units Upcycled As A Bitcoin Miner

When it launched the Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, Samsung made it clear that the camera was a priority. To that end, the Samsung Mobile team has made a number of improvements that go beyond the mere megapixel number which does not correlate directly with image quality. There are two very important highlights in the GS5’s camera, and I’ll cover some other bits as well.

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Samsung: Mine bitcoin with old Galaxy S5s | Engadget Today21 Feb 2018.

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Samsung makes a mobile mining rig. 08 November 2017 00:00, UTC . This news is becoming old, but still worth mentioning: Samsung, the technological giant and one of the most serious rivals of Apple, plans to redefine the use of its old products by turning them into mining apparatus. This picture made by Kyle Wiens went viral due to the highly atypical appearance of the mining rig: Forty units.


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In the promotional video posted by Samsung, a user downloaded fish monitoring software to an old Galaxy S3 and used the device to monitor the PH balance and heat of their fish tank, with sensors purchased on the same site. It even allowed the pet owner to take pictures of their fish and turn the heat lamp on and off. Another project shows 40 repurposed Galaxy S5 devices constructed as a.

16/04/2018  · Samsung may soon adopt the blockchain technology in handling its wide network of supply chains on a global level. Song Kwang-woo, blockchain head at Samsung.

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It faces strong competition from Samsung's Galaxy S8 and LG's G6, though.

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