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Robert Shiller Says Bitcoin Is The Best Example Of A Bubble

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After a steep crash in March, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied in the last few weeks. When looking at the.

6 Sep 2017.

Yale economics professor Robert Shiller explains his theory on why.

The cryptocurrency's rise resembles that of a bubble, Shiller says.

that's driving bitcoin at the moment, like other examples of bubbles, is a story,” Shiller said.

Still, Shiller did not find the word “bubble” perfect for describing bitcoin.

The process of price increases bringing on more price increases is something inherent to investment bubbles, and like many.

Executives are deciding to withdraw their guidance in record numbers, making the responsible decision that if the pandemic is making them uncertain about the future they are best keeping their own.

6 Sep 2017.

It's the same kind of angst that President Donald Trump addressed while he was campaigning, Shiller said. Shiller's “Irrational Exuberance” is a.


25 Jun 2019.

Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller of Yale University doesn't know what to.

currency by market capitalization as "the best example of a bubble.".

14 Apr 2018.

Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize winning economist, is relatively positive about Bitcoin's future, even as a “bubble.”.

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Shiller, who is currently a professor of economics at Yale University, referred to BTC as “another example of faddish human behavior.

The S&P 500 slipped 0.2% (down 12.4% y-t-d), and the Dow dipped 0.2% (down 16.9%). Three-month Treasury bill rates ended the week at 0.0975%. Japan’s Nikkei Equ.

Shiller says bitcoin is the best example of a bubble in the market today24 Jan 2014.

Nobel prize winning economist Robert Shiller says he's blown away by how much.

Bitcoin is an 'amazing example of a bubble:' Robert Shiller.

about it” and that he tells his students that “No, it's not such a great idea.” 0.

5 Sep 2017.

Yale economist Robert Shiller, who predicted the housing bubble, says Bitcoin is showing similar behavior. It's "the best example" of a bubble.